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7 Days In ✨ - Happy Sunday! ⛄

While we didn't get any snow down here on the beach, my kid up near the mountains got some flurries. Some friends of mine in different states got 1-3 inches of snow! It's so beautiful but oh so cold. I've been keeping cozy with my little heater in my office and fuzzy snowman socks. The beach has been freezing but it's the best time of year to find cool seashells, sharks teeth, and awesome little pieces of driftwood or anything else the ocean decides to spit out.

I've been keeping good with my New Year's resolutions - though we are literally only a week in. I have been reading more so far - I'm about 12 pages into my new book and I'm loving it so far. I've been trying to read a page a day when I'm really busy and being more kind to myself when I run out of time. Also I've been crushing my writing goal. I've been writing episodes of my Novella (Rise of the Vanquisher) every Friday and it's between 800-1,000 words per episode. Because I've been editing my new novel/first work in series, I actually haven't written anything in my book as of yet so I've been counting my novella words! Lastly, the one I've been struggling the most with is taking breaks. This week I got really into writing my novella and when I got stuck on a scene, I had a hard time walking away from it and taking a break. It's also been cold outside so I'm not wanting to be out there for very long but I took a break and threw a ball with my daughters dog for a solid few minutes. I've been trying to work on that the hardest, but when you're in deep within a story it's hard to walk away - even if you know staring at it and struggling with it will get you nowhere. I'm going to try to be more mindful of that this week.

I have a new festival coming up! It's in Burgaw again and it's on Friday, January 26th from 4-8 PM. Below is the informational flyer and direct location. Learn more about the event(s) upcoming in Burgaw:

115 S Dickerson St, Burgaw, NC 28425

It's going to be such fun! I will be there in a booth with my books ready for any autographs or fun pictures. There will be lots of fun vendors, delicious food trucks, and the local coffee company Brown Dog (literally delicious). I can't wait to see you all there and to meet again.

In other news, my family is doing well. My niece is well on her path of recovery and is going to all her doctor's appointments. A HUGE thank you to all who donated to her go-fund-me. My eldest daughter is living her best life in the snow with her cats. My animals are all healthy and keeping warm except for my youngest daughter's puppy. All Willow (puppy) wants to do is play fetch outside, but you'd think with her having short fur she'd like to be next to the fireplace! My husband and son are also doing well - just working hard and playing hard with their video games.

I'm positive that won't be the only event I do this year so I promise I will always keep you up to date with everything that is happening with the Zelina series, The Glyph Master series, Ream stories, Rise of the Vanquisher, any other Vella's, books, interviews, podcasts, and festivals. So keep reading these blogs and all my social media posts including Facebook, Tik Tok, & Instagram. Hope you have an awesome week, and keep up with those New Year's resolutions. Stay warm (but be sure to have fun in the snow) & stay tuned for new updates!

See you at all the festivals this year, book signings, Insta, or on REAM :)

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