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An Important Date: 08/08/2020

It's International Cat day! Though it seems silly & it is a good opportunity to post funny pictures or videos of your feline pets - but it's actually an awesome day to raise awareness for cats & learn different ways to help & protect them. Before we got our cats, my eldest daugther did a year or two of research to prepare herself & to learn how to properly take care of her little old man. So today I thought the blog should be a small update of how all our little demons are doing!


Darth Vader - "Vadies" (13 yrs.)

Though 2020 hasn't been his year, he has been doing well as of late. Recently, he has been playing with C.C. a lot again (we call her "his kitten") & napping on his cat tower. He's still on the three medications the vet reccomended. We have a long-standing appointment for a full checkup, including but not limited to: x-ray & bloodwork in December - we have our fingers crossed. His arthitis bothers him some days more than others but we are taking it day by day. Vadies hates all the storms / construction & spends some days hiding all day. Despite that, Vader does seem more active now than in the past couple of months which is good! We know he's looking forward to Christmas (139 days) so he can lay in his cat bed under the tree & play with all his new mice that my eldest insists on buying every year!!

Dark Lord Stormaggedon - "Fuzzy" (8 yrs.)

Her legal name is featured above but we all call her something different - though a majority of the family calls her Fuzzy or Pretty Girl. She's so photogenic it's ridiculous. All of the photos featured below were taken months apart. She's been doing well, despite her arthritis. She has some good days & some bad ones; we have been keeping an eye on it & have her on some medicaiton. Fuzzy has not cared for the recent construction / storms but she does love the new floors & new hiding places! She's been sunbathing in HER CHAIR my youngest has set up in her room & sleeping on the wifi-router we have upstairs. She is living her best life, despite C.C. messing with her.

Cosmic Creeper - "C.C." (1 yr.)

Literally chaos incarnate. Healthwise- the vet reccomended she lose some weight so that's a challenge in itself. Other than that- she's good. She isn't bothered by the construction or any hurricanes - everyday is a new day with her! C.C. will spend 20 out of 24 hours a day asleep in the most awkward positions, snoring loud enough to wake all of North America. OR for the rest of her time, she's playing with Vader, messing with Fuzzy, chasing a fly, chasing nothing, running around the house all crazy, playing with stuff that isn't toys, or sitting in front of her door chirping at the birds. She is in love with Vader & she keeps him on his toes. They are always playing / wrestling when the sun goes down.

We are grateful for our brood! Though they all have different personalities & ailments - we love them just the same. We have been a cat family for almost 10 years & we will continue to be a cat family for years to come!

"What greated gift than the love of a cat." ~ Charles Dickens

Learn more about the history here:


~Also today is my youngest daughter's 17th birthday. She's the baby & quite literally my last child. My oldest is 25, my middle child is 18 & she is my last. I have strong mixed feelings about it so please keep me in your thoughts & prayers.

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