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ANOTHER hurricane 🙄

Though the Hurricane Isaias did minimal damage (knocked our fence over further even though it's already broken), we are not looking forward to this hurricane season continuing. We have stopped the construction on the house this week & are just trying to stay dry in this rain. We did actually install a toilet downstairs again so that's been nice to have! Now we only need to install the sink & the half bathroom is complete. This week we also have family from out of town visiting & it's a fun challenge to go to the beach when it has rained every day for what feels like forever. Though there are two tropical storms out there, heading toward us, they most likely won't hit us, we are still having massive thunderstorms (see below). So sick of all the rain, ready for some sunshine.

We are keeping our spirits up & trying to entertain as much as we can. Though in a beach town that's a little more difficult with rain! We hope that everyone is staying safe for these upcoming hurricanes.

For more information on the hurricanes:

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