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💭 Dream House 🤞

Not the awesome horror/thriller movie which I totally reccomend on Netflix if you're looking for a good movie with Daniel Craig & Rachel Weiss. I figured you all were sick & tired reading about the virus so I'd thought I'd write something fun. I had an idea the other day when I was talking to my kid about my dream house. So I thought in this post I would describe my dream house & its rooms to you. It's kind of wild & all over the place but in my mind, its beautiful. Please feel free to share yours & show pictures!!

1. Location, Location, Location. So I would like to stay in North Carolina. I love the beaches & are sort-of getting used to the crazy drivers. I like where my house is located now (30 minutes to Jacksonville, 45 minutes to Wilmington, 10- minutes to the beach). The only issue with my current house is the electrical work, the H.O.A., & most importantly I am way too close to my neighbors. In my dreams, I'd have some land- I think 2-40 acres is enough. It would be close to the beach and major cities but my nearest neighbor would be a mile or two away. I would love to see the wildlife in its natural habitat but have enough room for a pool or go-karts.

2. Character. Now here is where I am wishy-washy. I love houses with character that look like they tell a story but here's the thing: I loathe stairs. I love Hobbit homes but also Victorian / Queen Anne but also ranches. So I'm a little indecisive on the exterior look of my house.

1. Signs 2. Hobbit House 3. Practical Magic 4. Real house in TX

3. Rooms & Such. I am wishy-washy about my rooms as well. I know I want a few bedrooms, a library, office, a home gym, home theatre, a gaming room, plenty of storage space, etc. I know the general room amounts as well as what I would like in them generally but I also have very specific things I want. I'm the first to admit I am not an interior designer but I know these specific things would look totally cool.

A. Library, I would love to have a ladder like in Beauty & the Beast. I would also like it to be a safe space where I can read, write, & cross stitch. I would love a lot of character in it & have a lot of art. I need a lot of room for my collection of boks but also have the space (& time) to alpabetize them or color code them.

B. A Clawfood Bathtub. Every woman ever wants these kinds of tubs & why? Because its large enough to hold us, cover our bodies entirely, & the claw feet at the bottom add so much character. You, the tub, warm water, candles, a good book - need I say more?

C. A 50's style kitchen. Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted a kitchen with the ice box/fridge combo, jukebox, black/white checkered flooring, red seating, & everything. I would love the jukebox to play actual records & to have a small table in there! Also a farm sink would be awesome.

D. A porch swing. I feel like this one is self explanatory.

E. Storage!! Ok for this one I am not asking for a lot but I would love to have an easier organization process. Maybe it will help when my children leave my house & quit making messes but I would love to have some of those hidden storage things. I love it so much & I would know where everything is! I love the look of simple storage items.

F. A hidden room. I don't care what's in it- I just don't want my kids to find me for a while. Just to relax & be hidden for a while.

G. A home theatre. I love my living room but I hate how the windows from my front door & office glare on the tv (first world problems). I would love to have a home theatre with ample seating for all my family to watch a movie (with no windows) & maybe a popcorn machine or soda machine. When I dream, I dream big!

H. And to top it all off - one or all of these in my driveway. And yes, before you all ask, the second picture is Christine (Stephen King Book/Movie) & the last picture is from Princess Diaries (the car Mia owned that kept stalling).

I know I dream big, I have a lot of ideas for my perfect house that when put together nothing matches each other. I love my dream house & cars. Thank you for reading this & letting me share my ideas & thoughts. Please feel free to share yours below & comment on what you want in your dream house! (I still reccomend the movie Dream House if you all are interested in a horror/suspense/thriller movie - it is still on Netflix)

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