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Feb. 15th 💙

Happy pre-Valentine's day! If you didn't have a Valentine, then you all are my Valentine! Also happy pre-Galentine's day! In case you don't know what that is:

It has become a tradition in our house! Super fun to hang with my girls & other ladies. We usually get a pizza & watch some fun flicks & remind ourselves of how awesome we all are.

So why the date as the title of this blog post you may ask? Well.....

It's the release date for ZELINA: THE SECOND GLYPH!! It will be avaliable to buy on Amazon ($9.99), the Zelina website ($9.99), & on Kindle Unlimited ($0.99)! Of course there will also be autographed copies for sale as well ($10.95). I can write something funny in there if you would like So mark your calendars!

I am working on mulitple giveaways at the moment so when those go live, you all will be the first to know. I am so excited that you all have been with me this long & your unwaving support! Thank you so much for reading my girl & enjoying her story. I hope you all will continue to read her journey & spread the love. Thank you all x infinity! 💙

Trailer for the Second Glyph:

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