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First Memories

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Try to think back to when you were young, try to remember the first thing you held, smelled, felt, saw, etc. Research shows that infants (0-2 years) form brief memories. It shows that toddlers (2-3 years) form memories of facts & events but their long term memories aren't quite finished developing. Young children (4-7 years) their short-term memories are improving as well as they have prospective memory. Here's where it get's tricky: children (8-10 years) typically forget 2/3 of their memory by the age of three (for more research see the link below). Now try to remember what age you were at your first memory. Try to correlate the facts with any relatives that were near you at the time! It makes for interesting stories.

For example: I remember being about 2 in the hospital for my blood disorder and in my room I had a roommate with chubby cheeks & we'd talk to each other through our cribs. Additionally, I remember laying on a blanket in the living room drinking a bottle. Holding it myself and having my feet in the air. So I couldn't have been too old?

Those are very vivid memories & my mother is surprised I remember them. It wigs me out when my kids discuss their memories at such a young age and in such detail.

Another example: My eldest's first memory is sitting on her Pooh-bear couch, drinking something, with her onesie unbuttoned at the bottom. She remembers watching a FRIENDS episode that I had left on. She can even remember the episode!! "The One with Jellyfish". She can only remember a certain part though and that's when Joey tried to pee on Monica after her jellyfish sting but had stage-fright. It aired in September 1997 so she was between 2-3 years old when this happened.

What's your first memory? Leave a note in the comments section of this post or on social media! Love to hear from my readers. 💛

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