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🍴Food, Food, Food🍴

I don't post often about the food I like, besides my Shakeology or bars. I can assure you all, food is my life! I love all kinds of foods from chicken tetrazinni to a steak with mashed potatoes, corn, a buscuit, to a poptart. I don't have a super refined palate - I just love all kinds of food! Food is an important part of everyone's lives but comfort food makes the soul happy. My favorite? The way my husband makes his enchiladas.

I mean come on! You can practically taste those photos. He makes them with beef and red sauce, I think. I don't know what goes into this dish specifically (he says it's top secret) but it's a special occasion when he makes them. Luckily he makes enough for leftovers, but those rarely last past a day. When I eat them, I feel loved and warm inside. Amazingly, we're having them for dinner tonight!

My husband won't share his special recipie but please feel free to comment on what your favorite comfort food is! Especially if you have any recipes. I'm always up for trying new things!

Short post this week - working on a lot of fun stuff! I'll be sure to update you all on here, Facebook, & Instagram so keep an eye out! Happy quarantining & stay safe my peoples. 🍽🍷

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