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Happy October 🍁

Yes! We've entered the best time of the year! The last three months of the year are my whole family's favorite time of year. Not just for the holidays but for the weather & all the time we get to spend together. We've had a lot happen this week & that will happen in the upcoming weeks. So these next two weeks, I will do my best to keep editing & posting but I will be in Texas assisting my mother with her second knee surgery. I will be back the week before Halloween so I can still celebrate it with my family by watching Hocus Pocus. Please keep my mother in your thoughts & prayers for a speedy recovery.

Fuzzy, our gray kitty, has not been feeling well. As you all may well know, she's had arthritis for a few years. Despite her only being 8 years old, she has been on Dasaquin just as her vet prescribes. However, we have noticed in the past few weeks she's had a more difficult time climbing up on the counters, cabinets, chairs, beds, basically anything that's not on the floor. It wouldn't be so heartbreaking if she was like Darth Vader, who never likes to climb on anything but his cat tree. She loves to climb, she climbs everything in the house daily! It's hard to watch her struggle with this. We had been planning to take her to the vet when I got back from Texas as it was not consistent but on Thursday she couldn't make it through the cat door (leads into the garage which is where their litter is) which is 2-3 inches off the ground. She cried & we had to open the door for her. So we took her to the vet on Friday & they want to do bloodwork & x-rays next Tuesday (not this upcoming). We are hoping it's nothing bad & she can be slightly medicated but it's breaking all of our hearts. None more than our youngest daughter as that has been her cat since we got her at 8 weeks. She is also her ESA. We don't want to lose Fuzzy but we don't want her to be in pain. This is when it's hard to have a beloved pet. We have them for their entire lives but not for our entire lives. So please keep our family & our evil kitty in your thoughts and prayers.

On the happier side of this weeks news: we got offered some land, by dear friends of ours, to build a house on! We are currently going to have it assessed, surveyed, zoned, etc. If all goes well, we hope to live in that with my mother in a year or two. We even have house plans made with my dream front porch as well! The land looks better in person, I swear. Also we share access to that beautiful pond. You will always find my youngest there feeding the turtles. We are still currently working on our house we are living in, fixing up the paint, flooring, new countertops, baseboards, etc. We are hoping to have that done soon as well.

So that's what has been going on in our lives lately. Like I said, I will do my best to keep editing (hopefully Book 2 will be done soon!) and posting on all social media. Though it's an exciting time of year for everyone, please do keep my mother and Fuzzy in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you all so much for the support and reading these blog posts. See you all next week ~ hopefully 😈

P.S. Fuzzy was mid-yawn when my eldest caught that photo. She's not hissing or anything. But she sure does have some pretty teeth doesn't she?

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