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Heard of Kindle Vella?

Have you heard of Kindle Vella? It's a way to share stories with readers over time, one episode at a time. Readers can find and view a story's detail page in the Kindle Vella store. You can read the first few episodes of every story for free. Readers can pick their favorite stories/authors, give them Thumbs Up and leave reviews.

New Kindle Vella readers receive free Tokens to help them get started. The number of Tokens needed to unlock an episode is determined by the episode's word count at the rate of one token per 100 words.

It's a really cool way to find new stories and authors.

Yes, I have a Kindle Vella story up. The first three episodes are live (the free ones). Go check it out at

I'm trying to upload new episodes every other week while I work on the new book as well.

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