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How I Make a Good Mood 🔆

My last blog post, I kind of shared my stress and my on-going day to day life. While I love my life, there are times which aren't great. I thought this might be a good time to share a list of activites that put me in a good mood or that help me get out of an emotional or writers rut.

  • Play with the cat(s)

So as you all know, or might not know, I have one cat currently in my household, Fuzzy (gray). It's my youngest daughter's cat. My eldest daughter has two of her own, Darth Vader (black) & C.C. (calico) but she took them when she moved out (selfish! jk ;) ) When I am down or not feeling well or just having a really big case of writers block, I sit down & Fuzzy will sit on my lap. She'll purr sometimes or just lay her whole body out (which I'm sure y'all have seen on social media). She also makes me laugh; she's such a wild cat that sometimes I'll just look at her & she will do something crazy & I can feel the bad mood melt away. She's such a blessing & I miss when she used to interact with Vader & C.C. because they were all so funny together.

  • Watch a movie/read a book

The thing all writers will tell you when you're feeling writers block or are in a particularly bad mood is to go read a book. Go read something other than what you're writing. I support this whole heartedly. I also feel like watching a good movie or having a movie marathon would be good. I've never seen someone in a bad mood having a Lord of the Rings marathon ;) Typically others will join me & it'll make for a good time. Before I know it, the good mood will be taking over.

  • Go for a walk (especially on the beach)

No one can be sad on the beach - even if they are, it won't last long because you'll see a sand piper running from the water or a puppy just having the time of it's life and in that brief moment you'll forget the bad mood or writers block. I am always walking, either on the treadmill or around the neighborhood. Walking outdoors, I am partial to the beach, has been known to help with anything!

  • Eat a good meal / take a nap

You can't be mad eating Mexican food or a homemade cookie. It's too delicious. Literally as you are eating it, you're bad mood will fade & you will start to feel good. That is until you eat too much then need a nap, which is still not a bad way to spend a day. Sometimes to lift the bad mood, you have to spend time with things that your body needs like food or sleep.

  • Play board games with my family

This is a personal preference of mine. I love it when my kids come home and share their stories of their lives with me. They tend to share and laugh over them during board games. Doesn't matter which ones (besides monopoly - that always ends with someone flipping the board), just as long as we are all together. I've always had my bad moods lifted when we start playing Scrabble or Cards Against Humanity.

So there's some things I do to lift a bad mood or to help myself when I'm in a bad writing or emotional rut. It's hard to dig yourself out of a bad mood - but knowing what helps makes all the difference. I hope this has or will help you with writers block or a bad mood. Time for my Sunday nap! :)

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