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Hurricane Outside & Inside our House!

Everyday feels like this meme, whether its inside our house or outside:

Most people know we live in NC, but we live close-ish to the beach. We do have to keep an eye on hurricane season but more often than not we don't have to evacutate. For example, we aren't evacuating for Tropical Storm Isaias. However, before the storm started forming my husband & I decided to begin working on the inside of our house!

Let me tell you, my new laundry room is the bee's knees! It's got so much room for organization & all my stuff n' things! Though we aren't finished with it yet, I already love it. Now the rest of the house, looks like a hurricane hit it. (see pictures below) We have primer up & are going to start working on some painting today. We also have some plans to put our downstairs toilet back in, as it is weird for everyone because they are so used to having it~ even the cats!

It is coming together & I am forever grateful for my husband & the hard work he's been doing on a daily basis. The family loves the new paint, flooring, & laundry room. What's hilarious is that the cats love it too! CC & Fuzzy like to rub against the new floors as well as the canvas coverings. They love all the new smells & we have to keep an eye on CC as we found out she likes to lick some of the paint!! Now Darth Vader, on the other hand, is an old man. It takes him some time to acclimate to change. Though he seems to enjoy rubbing himself on all the new trash in the garage, he doesn't enjoy the workers being in the house as well as the noise they make ON TOP OF the storms we've been having (& are going to have today). He spends most of his day hiding & sleeping.

While we are safe in the storm, we hope that everyone else is safe as well from flooding & the winds. Make sure you have all the supplies you need, stay inside & safe, & if you can try not to make your house look like a hurricane already hit it! 😂

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