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If this walls could tell stories...

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

It's been an interesting year but none more so than this week. We began construction on our house to make it look and feel nicer. But also to prepare for my mother whom we are trying to move in before Christmas. Though the images below don't do it justice, I can assure you all that we have all been working hard on this house. I love my new floors and we are hoping to paint soon. We are also looking into plans to add onto the house as well as fix all the doors, lights, and holes in the walls from our children.

It's been interesting to try and work with my office looking like that but I relish the challenge. I am still currently editing book 2, having sent some pages off to beta readers as well as working on graphics for the cover. I hope to have it finished soon but it might be done as soon as my house! :) Next week should also be interesting, Darth Vader has his second appointment (19th), my eldest daughter put in her two week notice at her job and she finishes on the 15th, my youngest daughter is still recovering from her surgery to have her wisdom's removed, and lastly my house will being getting beautified some more.

Sincerely, thank you to all who read these. I know they aren't award winners but it makes my heart happy seeing you all relate and read my little blog. Don't forget to add any comments to make this transition more smoothly or any funny pranks to pull on my husband. Until next week! ❤️

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