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It is like herding cats 🐈

Funny running into you all here. I just know you all are having an excellent start to the week. I know I have because I got to see all your smiling faces yesterday! It was so fun to meet you all and autograph all the books. I woke up today and jumped out of the bed ready to greet the day and I'm super pumped for the next book signing:

  • JUNE 15th - Barnes & Noble @ Jacksonville Mall

    • from 1-5 PM

    • 308 Jacksonville Mall, Jacksonville, NC 28546

Such fun~ I can't wait to see you all again with your fantastic faces there and to meet you all and more specifically to see pictures of all your cats (please show me - I'll show you Vader, Boopy, and Fuzzy!!) Be sure to tell your cat pspsps from me! :)


Today I also want to discuss, REAM STORIES! Ream is the subscription platform by authors for authors. They combine the best of an eReader app, a reader group, and a mailing list all into one easy-to-use platform that helps authors create a thriving paid membership for their readers. Essentially, you get early access to WIP chapters, artwork, and behind-the-scenes content. Such as:

  • Rise Of The Vanquisher (first book in the Glyph Master Series)

  • Rise of the Hunter (second book in the Glyph Master Series)

There is a moblie app for Andriod and IOS users so you can always read on-the-go! If you do decide to join in, first of all you have my undying thanks and here's what to expect:

  • A awesome and personal welcome email

  • Access to all Works in Progress (and there’s quite a few)

  • New Chapters uploaded at least twice a month (if not more)

  • Input on how the story moves forward


Ream Stories offers a multitude of benefits to its users, catering to both readers and writers alike. For readers, it provides a diverse range of captivating stories across various genres, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy. The platform fosters a sense of community by allowing readers to engage with authors and fellow readers through comments and discussions, creating a dynamic and interactive reading experience. Additionally, Ream Stories empowers aspiring writers by providing them with a platform to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience. Through feedback and engagement from readers, writers can hone their craft and grow as storytellers. Overall, Ream Stories fosters creativity, fosters connections, and provides a space where stories can thrive. Please consider joining!


I'm trying to herd all these cats into a pretty little basket but it's proving difficult. I hope the information about Ream Stories helped! If you can't attend the book signing in the next two weeks, don't worry - I'll plan more events this year! I will always keep you up to date with everything that is happening with the Zelina series, The Glyph Master series, Ream stories, Rise of the Vanquisher, any other Vella's, books, interviews, podcasts, and festivals. So keep reading these blogs and all my social media posts including Facebook, Tik Tok, & Instagram. Stay tuned for new updates!

See you at all the festivals this year, book signings, Insta, or on REAM :)

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