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Most of you know me by now as the author of the Zelina Series (see photo), especially from all my postings on Facebook & Instagram. However, I am starting this blog to be more personable with you all, as well as writing down my thoughts and feelings, as this is my first published book (soon to be trilogy). Though this post will be short, I will post on a weekly basis and if you have any questions or want me to discuss a certain topic (I will do my best to answer any questions, especially ones I don’t know the answer too) – please don’t hesitate to leave a small or large idea in the personal chat! I will be discussing my writing, some tactics I use, my life as it pertains to writing, and much more, so please don’t be reluctant to reach out to me.

I have grown up writing short stories, poetry, watching movies, playing video games, and doing theatre – man, the stories I could tell about my high school days! I love writing in every type of genre but right now I am currently working in the young adult fantasy/mystery genre. I have many ideas for other books/short novels and have so many short stories not completed yet, just ideas scattered all around my office. I like to try to keep myself organized but life is wild like that.

I currently live with my three children, husband, 3 cats (see photos below), 1 bearded-dragon, a whole bunch of sand, and many bugs/frogs on my back & front porches. I run a business from home/online and keep up to date with my health and wellness. Life keeps me busy but I always try to find time to do what I really love, which is writing. Whether it’s writing on this blog, making little posts, or editing/writing the third book (wink-wink), I am truly myself when I am writing.

As for Ms. Zelina, I got a lot of stuff in the works for her. My daughter who is a current film student (aspiring film something – she hasn’t decided yet), is currently putting the finishing touches on the first book trailer! Additionally, I am finishing up the second book in the Zelina Series, editing, chapter breaks, covers, etc., although I have been tinkering around with the final book! So always be on the lookout for my posts. This has been Stephanie Faye, for her first EVER blog post!

*** Photos are of my families & I’s three cats: Black = Darth Vader, chill, cat-nip loving, treat fiend, 13 yr. old sassy-man. Gray = Dark Lord, queen of the household, alpha, 7 year old long haired beauty, doesn’t let anyone tell her what do to besides my youngest daughter. Calico = C.C. (Cosmic Creeper), a wild child, bounces back from anything, in love with Darth Vader, loves attacking the birds through the doors/windows.***

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