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It's hard to believe...

that the first day of December is TOMORROW!! ❄️️ Like where did the year even go? With that in mind, I thought I'd make a small blog update today about the book series. Though my family & I have relatives coming to visit & the holidays are literally right there, I am still working hard on the book(s).



I am currently waiting on one beta reader to send back Book 2. Though she's keeping constant communication, she's taking her time reading it to make sure there's no plot holes, spelling mistakes, incorrect punctuation. She also likes to share any ideas for just anything in the book! Also I sent off to my film editor Book 2 so she can begin working on the trailer for that! If you have any ideas for her, be sure to post it down below or on any of our social media. She loves to hear everyone's ideas. She's going to try to have the trailer out by Christmas time, so keep an eye out! Also also, here's the book cover that is going to be on Book 2. We are all super excited for it. What do you all think?

I am writing the third book as we speak doing the NaNoWriMo challenge!



The Goodreads contest is still live! (Link: ). It ends December 15th. Five people will win a book. However you can also win a book by signing up on my website:

It's on the bottom of the home page as well as the bottom of the shop page. Two people will be winning those. Everyone who has won will be contacted via emails that were provided to me or to Goodreads.

After Christmas, I do another contest on Goodreads & my personal website again. We are hoping to do a giveaway for Book 2 next year! So be sure to read Book 1!

Please leave any reviews of the book on Amazon, Goodreads, or Kindle! It would be super nice! I love reading all of my fans comments. If you are having a hard time reaching any of the pages, please comment below or on any social media or through the chat box & I will be sure to help you!


This old man, Darth Vader, has another vet visit on Friday so if you all could keep him & my family in your thoughts, prayers, & good vibes, that would be wonderful. I appreciate you all!

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