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It's not easy being green 🐸

Hello all & Happy St. Patricks day! I hope you all are having a great weekend and are wearing green. It's officially spring on Tuesday, but our flowers and clovers have started blooming! We've been to the beach several times this past week and it's been beautiful spring weather. I hope you all are enjoying this weather and the longer sunshine as much as we are.

While the lucky day is here, I wanted to discuss book reviews today! I have been working at festivals, comic-cons, and markets as well as the Next Chapter Books & Art bookstore in New Bern, NC lately. Not to brag but I've sold a few thousand books and have had tons of winners in my contests. But when I was fixing something in my Amazon storefront today, I noticed I only had 10 reviews. I cannot stress how important ratings and reviews are for a book and it's author. Book reviews are important for the author and the reader.

For the reader, it provides a concise summary of the content and an assessment as well as insights inot the books style, theme, and quality.

For the author, it provides important feedback that allows the author to improve on their craft or answer any questions.

Books who have lots of reviews, even negative are more likely to be read and shared than a book with only ten reviews.

If anyone has read any of my books, kindle vellas, or even my short stories, leaving a quick review makes a huge difference. If you enjoyed any of my works, please take a few moments to write a review of it. Thank you!

With all that being said, I wanted to remind you all of the two, possibly three events coming up. If you aren't able to attend any of them, don't worry! The year is young and I'm sure I will add more festivals, markets, or comic-cons 🤫

Burgaw's Spring Market - It's the most upcoming meet n greet. It takes place on Friday April 12th from 4-8 PM. It'll be at the Historic Burgaw Train Depot. If you want more information, the website is in the flier attached below as well as the Burgaw's Market phone number.

After the Spring Market, comes the Holly Ridge Bee Festival 🐝

This festival will take place in Holly Ridge, NC on April 27th from 10 AM - 3 PM. There will be lots of vendors and food trucks so make sure you get there early to get some good parking!

Last but not least, and certainly will not be the only added event of the rest of this year is Galaxy Con 👾 It takes place from July 25th - July 28th and it takes place in Raleigh, NC.I am still currently on the waitlist as of 3/17/24 and am currently having trouble getting into contact with anyone regarding this issue. Of course, I'm going to give you all this information just in case I am in a booth. I'll update you soon as to whether or not I will be there.

Now that I'm all talked out, green things everywhere, and STILL exhausted from this time change, I'm resting and doing my usual work and trying to keep up with my Kindle Vella's. If you can't attend those events, don't be discouraged, I'm sure those won't be the only events I do this year. I will always keep you up to date with everything that is happening with the Zelina series, The Glyph Master series, Ream stories, Rise of the Vanquisher, any other Vella's, books, interviews, podcasts, and festivals. So keep reading these blogs and all my social media posts including Facebook, Tik Tok, & Instagram. Stay tuned for new updates!

See you at all the festivals this year, book signings, Insta, or on REAM :)

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