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Kitties, Kitties, Kitties 💓

As a family, we all have the three cats- Darth Vader, Fuzzy, & C.C., as most of you know by every Caturday post. We recently took Vader to the vet yesterday as mentioned in the previous blog post & the results are in!! He's doing great! Vader does have an issue with his thyroid that he is currently on medication for. Those are what have been causing the issues my eldest daughter has been noticing. He has another checkup in a month to see if we can take him off those pills. This old man costs an arm & a leg but he's worth it.

C.C. has a vet appointment on Wednesday, May 27th. We have noticed that whenever she does a strenious activity, like jumping off counters, beds, dressers, running around with Vader, that she shows a limp on her left paw. She will limp & not put any weight on it for 20 minutes to several hours depending on the activity. Now, here's the weird part- she will be fine after. She will walk & play normal as if nothing happened. She doens't cry or yelp in pain. Though she doesn't like anyone to touch her paws, it makes it difficult to see if something is stuck in there like a splinter. The vet is having us keep her from doing any activities as of right now which is difficult because A. she's a kitten and B. she's overweight so she needs to move a litte. I will updated after her vet appointment as well.

Fuzzy is always a perfect queen that she is. Although we are currently working with her on her arthritis. She has some good days & some bad days but the vet says she still looks good besides her back legs. She's always the queen.

My family & I appreciate you keeping our cats in your thoughts, prayers, & sending good vibes to us. These cats are like family & we treat them as such (sometimes more than our kids!!) Please if you have any thoughts, care advice, or solutions, please don't hesitate to comment below.

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