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Missing Travels #3 - The Mountain(s)

Not Mount Doom - although that might have to be on our future travels list. We have been traveling to the beach & the mountains ever since we moved to North Carolina. We visit the Smokey Mountains in Tenneesee the most. It's even where we went when we had to evacuate for the Hurricane Florence.

We like to stay at a cabin up in the mountains where there's just a creek, forest, and sometimes a pool. It's a good time to reconnect as a family. If there is a creek that's calm we like to go tubing down it or just set some lawn chairs down in it and listen to nature. If we are close enough to Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge then of course we do more.

We like to visit the mountain roller coaster, Goats on the Roof. It's a fun coaster that lets you control the speed in which you go down the mountain, everyone loves it! <- <- <- here's a link to a POV of the ride (Skip to 3:40 because up until that point you're just going up the mountain!!) You can ride with two people or by yourself but ultimately the speed is up to you. My eldest daughter & I aren't big rollercoaster people but we LOVE that ride! Last time we visited I believe my kids rode it 8-9 times in a row.

Just being up there is relaxing. My husband & I love to take long walks & try not to run into bears whereas the children play in the springs or play board games. Our cats are a different story. While CC has never been, yet, Darth Vader & Fuzzy have both spent about a week or two up there. Vader loved it- he would sit by any window & listen to nature or nap. Fuzzy - poor girl, she was stressed all the time. Any noise and she would start freaking out. The pictures below show their two different responses. Our bearded dragon didn't seem to care either way & we are curious to what CC would think of it but she'll have to go next time to find out. :)

We love the mountains as a family. We are all looking forward to visiting again & visiting new mountains. We are hoping to go to the Rocky Mountains, Applachian Mountains, & some more local mountains as well. Some of us enjoy the drive more than others (see below). If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment them!

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