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Missing Travels #4 - Florida

Okay so all the memes are funny but Florida is a beautiful place to visit. The state has a lot to offer such as the Keys, the Everglades, Disney World, Universal Studios, beautiful wildlife, and some of the more interesting people in the United States. Though my family & I have only only been a limited amount of times, we do wish to return. My husband & I have been several times whereas my girls have only been once & my boy hasn't been yet. We have some future plans in for Florida but thats for the last part of this series. So here's some things we did & some things we miss. Of course if you have any suggestions of things to do or any funny stories to share, please by all means, the comment section below is pretty spacious.

A. Amusement parks- I talked about the amusement parks in Missing Travels #2. It featured some parks from Florida such as Disney World & Universal Studios. I won't go into anymore detail but we are all itching to go back. Enjoy some pics!

B. There was a funky little animal reserve / zoo that we went to. It was a little out of the way but such fun! Though I do highly recommend tank tops & deodorant because it is a lot of walking outdoors & in the summer you'll be more sweat than animal smell. My youngest enjoyed the bird sanctuary & the hippo. She even got to help in a public demonstration when she still talks about to this day. Whereas my eldest enjoyed the otters; they were playing with no cares in the world. My husband & I just took the time and walked around with our girls, enjoying each others company. We would like to go back again but perhaps wear some lighter clothes.

C. The Manatees. My youngest is a marine biology nerd. She is the queen of knowledge of all sea-life. For fun she likes to sit in her room & study different species that are in our oceans & waterways. Again, she does this for FUN. So my sweet husband surprised her with swimming with wild manatees. Though my oldest was a little hesitant, she ultimately enjoyed it until a manatee didn't see her and almost pushed her out of the water and ate her hair for a while. It was in a quiet little hamlet that had some swimming holes. Though there were some commercial fishing boats making noise & scaring all the big sea cows away, our tour guides were super nice & showed us all the best and private spots where we could really get up close & personal with the babies. My husband and my youngest just went to town on all the fish & were swimming like the fish they were. My oldest & I kept having peeing issues. The wet-suits were difficult & it hurt to try to relax & pee. In the end we all enjoyed it and would do it a million times again.

D. The Traveling. Since we only live in NC, we just like to drive down. That in itself is an adventure. There's so many small adventures to do on the way. For example, my eldest made us watch the critically acclaimed Deadpool 2. Whereas my youngest & my husband went fishing & canoeing. They also went on the sacred sling shot ride. That is on my facebook and my eldest daughter's facebook if you'd like to see the video. When they got off of it their reaction was "how boring". Meanwhile me and my eldest daughter were on the verge of vomiting just by watching them!! My eldest also watched the second royal wedding & about a million Nicolas Cage movies. She likes to only watch them on vacation for some reason. My husband & I just like to spend time with our kids, take walks, & take in all the scenery.

Of course we are planning to go back. We still have so much to do. But the best thing about going on vacation is coming back with stories and this:

❤️❤️❤️Please be safe out there! Hope you all have a terrific weekend. ❤️❤️❤️

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