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Missing Travels#5 -Future Travel 🚀

“Jobs fill your pocket, Adventures fill your soul” ― Jaime Lyn Beatty

Traveling is a major part of living. My whole family & I would like to travel and see the world. My youngest wants to live in cold places like Alaska & Greenland. She wants to travel all over Europe and stand in the spots that Easy Company (101st Airborne from WWII) stood. She also loves the ocean so literally anywhere in the world where she can go scuba diving or visit the water, she will be content. She has big dreams & a lot of them involve traveling. I blame the movie Secret Life of Walter Mitty. :)

My middle child wants to live in Tokyo and embrace asian culture. He loves asian architecture, art, way of life, and heritage. He wants to live in Japan and make art until his hands fall off. He also wants to travel to more tropical places like Hawaii, Guam, Fiji, Cancun, & Jamaica. He likes warmer weather but ironically he doesn't love beaches. I think he would enjoy just existing at a tropical paradise. Of course he would like to visit some places like Canada as well, to visit some online friends.

My oldest has the travel bug. Even as a kid, more often than not, she didn't mind moving because she would treat it as if it were an adventure. She wants to travel the world, leave no stone unturned, live in different countries, and embrace all the cultures. She has no one place she wants to go because her heart yearns for everywhere. For the longest time she wanted to be an archaeologist and study the forgotten world while embracing the new one.

My husband & I are the same way. When all of our kiddos leave, we have decided we will not have any more pets and just spend our days traveling. My husband is just like my middle child, he wants to explore tropical places. He also wants to show me places he was stationed while in the military. I am just like all my kids. I want to see everything though I want to do it at a more relaxed setting. I don't want to go scuba diving or kiss the Blarney stone or go sky diving (those scare me).

This year has been difficult, we've had to cancel all our traveling. We have decided to wait until next year to plan our trips. Luckily this gives me time to save up some money! Next year we are shooting for spending Christmas & New Years in Germany, Poland, & Belgium. My eldest will try a solo strip of England by herself, and then join us for Germany & Poland. We are also planning a summer trip for back to Florida to visit all the amusement parks like Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, as well as relaxing at the Florida Keys. Before that summer trip, my girls & I are planning a small trip to NYC to see Hadestown, Chicago, Mrs. Doubtfire, & any other Broadways we missed. We are planning on doing it safely and only when the country feels safe enough to open back up. Until that time, if you have any suggestions of places to visit, don't hesitate to drop a comment & have happy travels.

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