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Movie Recommendation

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hope you all are surviving & thriving in quarantine! If you are looking for something to watch, I've got a movie recommendation for you! I don't know where it's streaming but you can always own it. It's one of my favorite movies & it means a lot to me. It is a little long but it has Julie Andrews ❤️ Just make sure you have snacks, crying tissues, & comfy blankets/pillows.

Sound of Music (1965)

Most people have seen this movie or heard of it or at the very least have seen the memes. Maybe you've been lucky enough to see it on Broadway. If you like musicals & WWII stories then I highly suggest it. My Grandmother & I would watch it when it came on TV every Thanksgiving - it was one of my favorite family traditions. We keep the tradition alive by watching it every Thanksgiving before food time. My eldest daughter & I really enjoy this movie & we know all the songs by heart. The Sound Of Music is so important to me! Every time we sit down & watch it I think about my second mother, my grandmother, a woman who was/is so important to me & I can't help but cry. Though the movie itself is emotional, it's the memories associated with it that make it more worthwhile. The movie can stand on its own legs & you can read reviews of it, but I am here to tell you, you should take a chance & watch it or re-watch it.

I miss you Beebs!

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