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Plotting Strategies / Sid Arthur Fan Club 🗣️📣

So, it's been a fun week! I hope it's been good for all of y'all too! I know a few people were disappointed but the Chief's won the Superbowl. It was fun to watch and a close game. I really liked Usher's halftime performance, I was the only one in my family dancing to it! Anyways, I wanted to take this blog post to share with you all something that has helped me in my writing journey so far -- Plotting Strategies.

So essentially there are two types of writers: Plotter & Pantser. A plotter is someone who plans and outlines their stories before they even begin writing. A pantser is the type of writer who likes to write without a roadmap or a plan. When writing, I am definitely a pantser. There is no perfect way to write, the best way to do it is to see what works for you. Here's some tips as a pantser that I have learned upon my reasearch:

  1. Concept/Idea - coming up with even just a vague idea is a good start. Just allow your feelings, impulses, and senses inspire your story.

  2. Follow the impulses - even if they don't make sense in the moment. Just write it all out - get lost in your project. It's one of the great joys of writing is just immersing yourself within the story. Let your mind show you the story.

  3. Don't burn out - take some breaks. Take stock of your story as you go, don't edit it but review it every once in a while. It's okay if a plot hole or loose ends show up, that can always be fixed later. Just write in the moment.

  4. Don't be afraid - don't be afraid to write. Just because you are freewriting doesn't mean that it's bad or no one will like your work. You can go back and edit it later. Revising and editing will help structure your story, like making a masterpiece out of marble.

  5. Resolutions - try to set

So I hope those tips and plotting strategies help with your writing or WIP's. That's all I have for you, except for: On Saturday March 9th - I will be @ Next Chapter Books & Art in New Bern, NC with for my book signing. I will be there from 11 AM - 1 PM then we will be around shopping! I can't wait to meet you all and for you all to meet the guard cat, Derby as well.

Also, my most upcoming festival is the Coastal Comic Con on March 2nd - March 3rdThat is right before the book signing! But if you aren't able to attend it, I still have two that I'm going to. Including but not limited to (for the year): The Holly Ridge Bee Festival (April 27th) & The Raleigh Comic Con - GalaxyCon 7/25-7/28. I hope to see each and every one of you at these festivals & if not, don't worry! It's only February, there's more festivals & con's to come!

Other than that, my little baby animals, human children, human husband, & I are doing well. I am very excited for spring to finally start and to visit the beach again regularly. I promise I will always keep you up to date with everything new and everything that is happening with the Zelina series, The Glyph Master series, Ream stories, Rise of the Vanquisher, any other Vella's, books, interviews, podcasts, and festivals. So keep reading these blogs and all my social media posts including Facebook, Tik Tok, & Instagram. Stay tuned for new updates!

See you at all the festivals this year, book signings, Insta, or on REAM

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