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Reading is Dreaming

I like to read & write - shocker, I know. When I was a kid though, I did enjoy writing but you could NEVER catch me reading. I hated every living moment of it. Everyone kept telling me "reading is good for you", "you'll like reading if you gave it a chance", etc. I just wasn't interested. Then my mom bought a book, read it, & told me it was good. I was interested so

I asked her if I could read it and she said yes. My mother was/still is a HUGE Stephen King fan, she read all his books. This was the first one I was going to give a chance & it was Pet Sematary. I thought it was going to be about a family and their pet cat that dies but I was in for a SHOCK because there was so much more. I couldn't put it down! I didn't know that was how he wrote & I loved it. I started reading more & more, especially Stephen King.

Now I have several bookshelves, scattered books, & dream of a library with a ladder. I am grateful to Stephen King & my mom for making a reader out of me and in some sense, a writer. If you're looking for a good book recommendation, besides my own :), Pet Sematary might be a good place to start. What was your first book that got you hooked on reading?

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