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Son of a Beach ☀🌊

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

It finally happened. Though my youngest & I have been to the beach after the quaratine was lifted, we finally went swimming. The flag wasn't on red or purple, the beach was deserted, the waves were crazy but nothing we couldn'd handle. My youngest, oldest, & I decided to go on Tuesday when the surf was safe, everyone would be at work, and it was 80+ degrees outside. It was a beautiful day. The picture below doesn't really do it justice.

While hiding under towels and almost fully clothed, my eldest spent her time after swimming reading her current book. My youngest and I bronzed up. When we were finished tanning, my youngest picked up some trash then went shark-tooth hunting. Almost immediately we found this mammoth. It doesn't look big but I can assure you all, it was bigger than the rest I normally find.

^ Compared to

Yes, we did keep safe. We kept ourselves at a safe distance from everyone while abiding by the beach flags to make sure we didn't endanger ourselves. Everyone else also kept a respectful distance even when walking past us. We also made sure to fill in any holes we left so no one would trip on them and to make sure no sea turtles get stuck. Although I wish we could go today, it's pouring outside but it's still super hot. 🥵 Of course it's always fun to come home to all the goofballs. (see below) Hopefully your weeks are going well!

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