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The days start coming & they don't stop coming!

Yes. That is Smash Mouth. That's how this week has felt. It has been raining non-stop since

the beach day. Today it's just cloudy but still, it's dark & gloomy outside. We have been beating the rain by reading, gaming, napping, or watching stuff & things. The pets have also been through the ringer this week, although they enjoy the new rocking chair in my eldest daughter's room, they haven't enjoyed their vet visits or medications.

So as you can see by the cover image- my daughters & I started watching Lord of the Rings, extended edition, in honor of Sir Ian Holm, Bilbo Baggins, died yesterday (see picture below).

Of course, as an actor he's been in a ton of films that have been award-winning. He was a talented person & seemed kind based on all the words from his co-workers. The kind-faced hobbit can never be replaced.


As for the pets, C.C. & Fuzzy are always crushing it. They just hunt the birds or sleep in the sun like normal cats. Darth Vader is doing better! They said his thyroid levels are close to where they should be. They want to keep him on his current medication almost like a supplement, to just keep him healthy. The vet was so impressed, they don't want to see him again for 6 months. At that time they will do a full check-up; I'm talking x-rays, bloodwork, etc. Rango is also doing better, she's even got some spunk back. She got a cut on her side that we were having a difficult time keeping clean & healthy. It's still healing but now it's just a scab. She's even been running around crazy-like in the house, hunting all the things that move. The cats' respect her & only C.C. still kind of messes with her still, almost like testing her limits. My husband & youngest are currently building her a new cage that's gonna take up a massive part of my youngest's room. It'll be good for Rango & the new lizards she wants to get.


Finally, I am currently finishing up Book 2's editing. I am trying to find some Beta readers, if any of you all would like to do that. I currently have two but more is always appreciated. I also have the chapter breaks being sketched out as well as looking into someone drawing a map for the last book (see below). If you all know anyone for that as well, please don't hesitate to comment or contact me on any social media. I do have big plans for Book 2 but I have even bigger plans for Book 3, starting with writing it!

Anywho's, that's been my week so far. Hope everyone's weeks will be good! Next week we don't have any plans but to all the father's tomorrow: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! 🎉🥳

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, storytellers and singers of song.” —Unknown

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