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The Orignal Pixel Art : Cross Stitching

"Cross stitching: for those times when you want to stab something 20,000 times."

Not to toot my own horn but I am not that bad at cross stitching, in fact I think I am pretty good. I have been doing this fun craft since I was young. It has been passed down for a generation or two. I tried to pass it down to my kids but they didn't seem to enjoy it. Though I haven't done one in a year or two, I can pick it up & make anything just like that. I like cross stitching because I can put on a movie, tv show, or some music and create something beautiful with some needles & thread. This craft doesn't require a lot of thought but does calm my mind. My daughters like to request things for Christmas or their birthday's & normally I am happy to oblige but they always request the most ridiculous & funny things. For example, here is what I typically make just for fun:

Each is a different size & intricately designed. It takes me up to a couple of months to create these beauties. However, this is what BOTH my daugthers request:

I am happy to make all of these for them but come on! I feel ridiculous and can't help but laugh when I make them. They are planning on hanging them around their future houses & in specific rooms. It's going to be a fun house to have all these cross stitch framed things around. I am thinking about picking it back up again if we have to stay in the house for much longer. Hope you all are safe & healthy! 💛

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