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Trips, Cats, & Life

Last week & this upcoming week is going to be wild. I don't know about you all but I already can't wait until next weekend. I just need a few hours to play Sims 4 & take a long UNINTERRUPTED nap. 😴 Last week I had to take my son to the doctor for his foot, do taxes, help with my eldest daughter's taxes, take graduation photos (see below), take Darth Vader back to the vet for his heart check-up, spring clean the house, drop donations off, clean out my garage, finishing up book 2 & more. This upcoming week my youngest daughter is having her wisdom teeth removed, celebrating my eldest daughter's birthday, my son is getting his foot surgery, "planning" a summer trip (Disney World vs. NYC), budgeting for that summer trip, getting ready for my son's birthday, getting the vehicles in for their oil changes, working on book 3, sending pages off to the editor, & more.

Some good news: Darth Vader is going to be okay! We noticed he was tired at first with the pills & that made my eldest daughter a hovering machine. Throughout the past two weeks though he did seem to play more, even instigating roughhouse playing with C.C. He also seemed to be eating better & actually begging for food again (because we can never get his wet food fast enough). He was even more cuddly; which he already does a lot of cuddles! He is still peeing while standing but after his three month check-up (which will be in June) the vet said if his heart is doing better then she will start him on some arthritis medication. She said his heart did go down but they are still unsure what caused his heart to be that big in the first place, so she wants to still take precautions. The vet gave us more pills & told us to keep an eye on his breathing & if he gets worse to take him back in immediately but if not then she'll see him in June. She didn't say anything about life expectancy but we are hoping it will be a long time. Thank you all for your prayers, good vibes, and positivity sent to me & my family! We are really appreciative! ❤️

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