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♩ We Miss Broadway ♪

Due to the virus, "Broadway theatres will remain closed through the end of 2020." There is more information on their website or the Playbill instagram.

Though this breaks all of our hearts, we understand. Everyone needs to remain safe & we will see you all hopefully in 2021. In the meantime, it doesn't mean that my daughters & I won't be fantasizing about going back one day. My daughters & my own obsession with musicals is my late grandmother's fault. She introduced me to this world and I passed it along to my children. My husband & son aren't really interested so they don't watch any musicals or rarely want to travel with us to NYC. My youngest has a select few that she would like to see. She's very particular about the shows she likes. I am like that too but I am willing to see anything! However, if it's something I know I won't like, my eldest will usually pay for it. She is the FANATIC. She wants to see every Broadway show front-row, do all of the stage door experiences, & just live on Broadway. Most of the list is hers & she became excited when listing them. I won't go into a synopsis of all of them even though she really wants me too because she believes everyone should experince a Broadway show once in their life! So without further ado, here's a small list of Broadway shows we are trying to see. (***SPOILERS BELOW***)


Hamilton. Since I am sure all of you have read or heard, HAMILTON is going to be premiering on Disney + today!! No one is more excited than my eldest daughter. She has been counting down the days since they first announced it. She has been listening to it for years & will probably cry when she watches it. She's been in love with Lin Manuel Miranda forever! We are planning this show on Broadway hopefully soon.

Anastasia (again). This one holds a special place in all of our hearts. It was the first Broadway we all saw in person in NYC. My eldest grew up with this movie & though she wasn't Disney (she is now because Disney owns Fox) my baby treated her like such. She was in love with all of the music & the artestry. When they announced it was a Broadway, she followed them until their last day. Their last show was March 31st, 2019. "By closing, Anastasia will have played 34 previews and 808 regular performances." Every time we saw it (twice) it was a beautiful, tear-jerking experience. She fell in love with Christy Altomare & I will never be able to top her 22nd birthday because of her! :) I could go on & on forever about it. They are still doing the U.S. tour & the German production, it won't be the same.

Hadestown. We were planning on seeing it this year. We were devestated when we had to cancel. My eldest heard it through the grapevine when it was an Off-Broadway & was interested. Then when she did some more research & watched the Tony's (which she literally watches & plans for EVERY YEAR) she knew we all had to see it. She fell in love with everyone but no one more than Hermes (not pictured below). If she could only meet one person from that show it would be him. We are still planning to see it but she wants to see it ASAP. My youngest is iffy about seeing it.

Rent. - We watch the film version every year after Christmas and before New Years. It's a tradition that has been going since we first watched it. I have heard some positive & negative things about the Broadway so I am unsure what to think. Of course the oldest always wants to see it but I am a little hesitant to do so. Also we cry every year when Angel dies so we aren't sure how we'd hold up in a crowded theatre.

Dear Evan Hansen. - My youngest was in love with Ben Platt (Evan Hansen). He is her "Lin Manual Miranda" if that makes any sense. Though he has left the show, she is still interested in seeing it, as am I and my oldest.

Cats. - My youngest doesn't understand the appeal of the old film or the new. We agree with her on the new film even though my eldest wants to watch it to see what they did. I would go with my eldest to see it on Broadway should it come back as we both do love the musical.

Phantom of the Opera. - Every Halloween, my eldest makes me watch it with her. Don't get me wrong, those people are super talented & everything is amazing from the costumes to the singing to the dry ice. I just don't enjoy it as much as she does. She wants to see it pretty badly & I will go with her but I won't be super excited like her.

Wicked (again). - Last year the girls surprised me with a birthday trip to NYC. Though we were cold & a lot of our plans fell through, the Broadway shows did not. Wicked was beyond words! We all loved it & are dying to see it again. The talent just floored us & we can't believe how lost we got in the story we got. When it came time for intermission we were shocked! :)

Lion King (again). - Again, my kiddos suprised me with this last year. Though we didn't have center seats to "touch" the giraffes, they did suprise me when they gave me an aisle seat. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried when I saw the elephant & when Mufasa died again. I loved it & so did my girls. We would LOVE to see it again. It was one of the better presents they have ever given me.

Once on this Island. - My eldest fell in love watching this one being perfomed on Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade & the Tony's. She wanted to see it ASAP but they closed it before we could get back. Hopefully it comes back soon because I am interested in seeing it as well.

In the Heights. - You all guessed it. My eldest loves this one. She was planning on seeing the film version in theatres this year but has to wait due to you-know-what. She wants it to come back to Broadway so she can experience it live. I am curious about it but my youngest is not.

Chicago. - Both my kiddos love this one. It's dark & the lyrics are just morbid and they LOVE IT. They both want to see it on Broadway. We were planning on seeing it this year but you all know how that went. I want to see it as well but not as bad as they do.

Waitress. - I have been interested in this one for a while. My eldest is interested as well but not enough to download every single song yet. We want to see it on Broadway. I actually wanted to see it when Joey McIntyre was the featured male lead. I loved him in NKOTB.

Little Shop of Horrors. - The boys hate this musical. Why you ask? Because every Halloween or just a random date in the year, my oldest & I watch it. Then we proceed to sing Suddenly, Seymour for a week straight much to the horror of everyone's ears in the house. We love it & my oldest would watch it everyday if she could. We would love to see this one if it came back.

Legally Blonde. - My eldest is in LOVE with this musical. She's trying to buy the vinyl record for it to add to her collection & she wishes everyday it would come back to Broadway. Though we all enjoy the movie, my youngest isn't interested & I am not fascinated by the Broadway itself yet but I'll still go with her to watch it.

Jersey Boys. - All my girls enjoy their music. Musical or actually the original artist or movie music. We are excited to see this one if it comes back.

Mrs. Doubtfire. - We were actually all planning to see this one this year. My eldest & I were super excited to see it. That is one of her favorite all-time Robin Williams movie & I remember watching her enjoy it as a kid all the time. We are planning on seeing it as soon as it re-opens.

Hercules (Off Broadway). - My eldest found this show. I don't know how but I'm glad she did. It was an off-broadway show in the summer of 2019 & they had planned to bring it back this year. It's based of the cartoon Disney movie of the same name. Ironically that's the first movie she ever saw in theatres. She's dying to see it & see how they made the Fates.

Big Fish. - My oldest loves this movie. She has cried every time we watch it & at every opportunity she would write a 16-20 page report about it & all its nuances. She found the Broadway through word of mouth from a fellow Broadway fanatic so she would like to see this one if it came back. I am unsure of it & my youngest is uninterested.

Xanadu. - This is my show! I loved the movie with Olivia Newton-John. My youngest doesn't like it at all & won't watch it. Whereas my oldest watched it but it wasn't her favorite. She would come to see it with me if it came back to Broadway.

Moulin Rouge- My eldest loved the movie & all the videos from friends seeing it live. My youngest won't go see this one. I will go see it but mainly to see if it's different than the film version which I did not enjoy as much as my oldest.

Cabaret. - My eldest daughter enjoyed the movie with Liza Minnelli & should it come back to Broadway then she wants to see it. I am not super into this musical.

Hairspray. - YES! All of my daughters love this show! My eldest & I like both movies though both my daugthers prefer the new one. They would love to see this show on Broadway.

The King & I. - This one has some good memories tied to it. I remember watching the movie version fondly with my grandmother. She took my eldest to see her first musical "Anna & the King" and they both loved it. I would die to see this on Broadway. My eldest has always wanted the dress from the song "Shall we Dance". She said she would wear it all the time & to everything & "inconvenince everyone while looking awesome".

Newsies. - That's all my eldest daughter. She hasn't seen any of the movies but she's working her way up to watch them. She would also like to see it on Broadway, again I would go with her but it's not one of my favorite musicals. I have seen the movies & watched all the videos but still just not as interested as she is.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown. - Though its not playing any more, if it were to come back, my eldest & I are super interested in seeing it on Broadway. I've seen it years ago when it toured, my grandmother took me and it was amazing. I'd love to see it again.

Les Miserables. - I am the only one interested in this one. My eldest thought it was almost too long & had a super hard time getting into the movie. She will give it a chance on Broadway because it's always different there. I loved it! I'll see it either way.

Mamma Mia. Though we know it's different than the movie feat. Meryl Streep & the big cast, we still want to see it.

Miss Saigon (Again). - My eldest & I saw the traveling version back in Kansas. We would both like to re-watch it. We were distracted because we almost got into a head-on collision like 30 minutes before the show. Additionally, the kid actor didn't do very well although it was funny because he kept trying to touch the dangle parts off the women's costumes. He had to be only like 5-6 years old anyways.

Cinderella. - My eldest mainly wants to see this one. I'd go with her but I am not interested. The costume change alone was enough to entice her to download every song!

Beetlejuice / Beetlegeuse. - My eldest mainly wants to see this one. I'd go with her but I am not super interested in it. She watched them perform on the Tony's & laughed at everything. She loves how they made Miss Argentina.

Kinky Boots. - My eldest mainly wants to see this one. I'd go with her but I am not super interested in it. We stayed in the hotel right across the street from the show & loved seeing the light lit up at night. The middle picture was our real view.

Though that is not all of them, that is all I wanted to type. Some of the shows that are mentioned are no longer on Broadway & have no current plans of coming back but my eldest still felt it was important enough to showcase. Of course, if you have any Broadway shows we should see or want to discuss Hamilton then by all means, comment or DM me on FB or Insta. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy & remember, "Spring will come again" (Hadestown).

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