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Whale, hello there! 🐋

Hello peoples!

It has been a wild week & a half & this blog post is way over-due. I've been trying to keep up with postings daily on my Facebook & Instagram pages but with editing the second book, writing the third, helping create the book trailer, my birthday, my children, tax season coming up, & this cold weather - its been challenging, I won't lie. The cold weather is the most challenging thing this week though- especially since in ONE DAY it will go from nice 75 to 23!! Our air conditioning keeps freezing & the heater keeps causing dry air which gives my children nose bleeds -- see the issue? 😅 So I apologize for not writing this blog post sooner. I hope you all are staying warm & cozy out there! Also something else crazy happened this week & I'm not sure if you all have seen this or not -- BUT this week my official book trailer dropped! I cannot stop talking about it & I already apologize in advance for that! Here's some stills of it:

It was made over the course of several weeks by my daughter who is a film student & wanted to practice some editing. She is starting her own film company, The Silent Cat (yes, it was named after her black cat as he always is helping her edit & write) & just really needs all the practice/work she can get. It premiered on my birthday (1/17) & has recieved a phenomenal response! I am so lucky & grateful to all of you who loved it & shared it! Seriously, I cannot thank you all enough.


If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it! For being in her second year, she did an amazing job. She wants to try & fix a couple of things & keep working on it but I was impressed (& I'm not just saying that because I birthed her 😊). Here's the link:

She & I would appreciate any feedback on it - she's still learning so every idea or change you might have for it -- tell me & she will use it as a learning experience. She's always up for any kind suggestions/help. Again, I am so thankful for all that you all do- liking, sharing, commenting, reading this; I could go on & on!

Hopefully this weather will warm up soon & so I can go to the beach & be "inspired" (inspired meaning relaxing & swimming, maybe a long stroll). I am still currently editing the second book, doing some back & forth with the editor, making some chapter breaks, & helping edit/"change" things in the book trailer. I hope to get that all to you soon but for right now, I'm just going to continue editing the second in my jammies & drinking some hot chocolate with baby marshmallows. See you all on the flippity-flop my peoples! 💛

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