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What's the haps peeps?

I know, I know. It's been almost a whole month since I have done a blog. 'Tis the holiday season where the crap hits the fan. For example, Thanksgiving is on Thursday & I am not even close to ready. That means Christmas is right after, then my birthday, my eldest's birthday, my middle child's birthday, my husband's birthday, our anniversary, then a summer break with it ending with my youngest daughter's birthday. It's the beginning of the end. Just kidding, I love it!

I am excited for our eating day, as we call it, as well as Christmas, though I have to finish my shopping! Here's some things that have been going on with us:

Goodreads Giveaway - YESSS! It is live now!! You can enter to win one of five signed copies of Zelina: the First Glyph. It ends December 15th. However you can also win one of two signed copies by signing up for my website (located at the bottom). It would make a good present for yourself or any youngsters in your life :) Here's a link to help you find the Goodreads Giveaway:

It's free to enter! It will look like this towards the middle of the page:

Also any reviews of the book, if you've read it, would be super nice! I love reading all of my fans comments. If you are having a hard time reaching the page, please comment below or on any social media & I will be sure to help you!


Update on the Pets / Family - We have all been good. Like I said earlier it's just a bit chaotic ya know. Fuzzy is still on her medication & will go back to the vet in February. So, she's just been chilling on her "radiator" (which is just our internet router). C.C. is still overweight but we are doing scheduled feedings & she hates it. I cannot express how upset she is by it but by now she's at least lost a pound! We want her to be a healthy weight by her next checkup (June 2021). Darth Vader is also doing well, just sleeping the days away. He goes in for his heart checkup on December 4th. So my next blog post will lightly update on that next week. We are nervous but not too nervous, he's been doing well & even playing more than usual. Rango is in her brumation period so she hasn't moved from her sleeping spot in a few days. Now onto the humans: My eldest is graduating with her second Associates degree (this one is in film studies) & midterms just ended. My son just got his first job, hopefully. He's still going through the interview process. My youngest starts her first semester in college in January & it's coming up so fast. On Thursday she picked all her classes for her first semester. I am currently waiting for my readers to finish up book two so I can send it off to the publisher. I am also doing a writing challenge for book 3! Hopefully it will be done faster now that there is a door to my office/writing space. My husband is working on the house as well as working hard at his job. We are trying to have some of the house done by Thanksgiving. Though we aren't having family over.

Yes, we have our tree up & all of our cats love it. CC loves it a little too much. She keeps biting the cords. If you have any tips to help us with that, that would be super helpful. None of our other cats have ever done that before.


So that's all that has been going on really. We have also been watching our holiday movies like Sound of Music, Son-in-Law, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Dan in Real Life, & on Thursday we begin our Christmas movie list beginning with either Krampus or The Grinch who Stole Christmas (live-action / Jim Carrey version).

I am also grateful for you all this year. To all of you who take time out of your day to read this blog, my books, or my posts. None of this would be possible without you & for that I am grateful. Thank you all! I know it might be a little informal but I love you all as well :) Have a good food eating day!!

Our beach winters are amazing.

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