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September 24, 2022

Hello again fellow readers! I hope you are all doing well & have been prepping for the spooky season. I know the beach has gotten a little colder since I’ve been back, and I am super excited to put out the decorations again. While I’ve been sipping my hot chocolate and writing my new book series, I’ve also been writing a small mini-series as well called Thalin and the Darkness. Episodes go out weekly and it’s on amazon. Feel free to check it out, read it, let me know in the comments how you’d like the story to proceed or who you think the villain is! (link:

Just a reminder about the book launch party and you are ALL INVITED!! It’s the biggest book launch party and will be in Salt Lake City, Utah so if you can make it out that way, that would be awesome! I will be autographing books with my fellow authors, like Debbie Rasmussen, James Nicholas Adams, Mary Flint, and MANY MORE fellow authors!

You get FREE admission, posters, & a show! You can also preorder any or all my signed books and pick them up at the event (there is a limited quantity). Or I will be signing books there for purchase in person. Included all three Zelina books of your choosing or a bundle! Below is the official flyer, I’ve been trying to share it everywhere for you all. I can’t wait to see your faces! Til’ next time! 😊

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