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You're All Invited! 💥🎉

I will be signing books at the Annual Liberty Festival & Fireworks next Saturday (9/2) so come out and see me! It'll be fun & there will be lots of booths and activities for everyone to do. I will post about it until the day arrives - it takes place in NC but make sure to get there early for good parking! :)

In other news, I am still working hard on Rise of the Vanquisher even though it will not be released this year. I have my Beta Readers still working on my chapters, and my images still being created. I am toying with the notion of a Kindle Vella again and possibly even going to start the second book in the Vanquisher series.

My cats, dog, husband, and kids are all still alive and doing well; summer is winding down and I really can't wait for fall.

I hope you all are doing well & had a good summer. I will keep you up to date with all that is happening with Zelina, The Glyph Master series, and all my other Vella's, books, and festivals I'm doing.

I hope to see you all at the festival next Saturday (9/2)!! 💥

Hang in there & stay tuned for exciting news! Thank you for all your continued support every day!

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