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19 days until the New Year~

Yes, that's a real number. Scary huh? The year simultaneously went at warp speed and slow as a snail. March felt like it lasted several months while November was only a few days. I am excited for the New Year! I am hoping to have the whole series done in 2021, but that's super optimistic. With this being the busiest time of the year, I thought I'd post a little update on everything.

Family Update: Our fence has been torn down, it kept falling over in all the hurricane(s) anyways. So we are going to build a new one. Our yard looks naked without it leaning all over the place. The house is still being worked on but we have the living room finished, so now we are decorating it. Today we are actually working on the guest room for my mother. We have my mother coming from Texas next Monday to visit us for the holidays! We haven't had Christmas with her in so long, so it should be really fun. My husband is working hard with the house and his job and his churchly activities. My eldest just literally finished her finals TODAY! She has her second degree & feels nervous but great. My son just got his first job. He's still in his first week but he's starting to make friends. He's so happy to have his own money. My youngest is enrolled in her online college courses! She starts January 6th ~ which is only 24 days away. Yesterday she even went up to the college and got her books. We are all excited for her. I am still working on Book 2 (editing) & Book 3 (writing) so don't come at me. :)


Cats Update: C.C. is loving the Christmas tree, not so much her diet though. We are still working on it and when I say "we" I mean my eldest daughter. Darth Vader had his update last Friday (Dec. 4th) & everything came back the same. It isn't good but it isn't bad either. He's still on all three medications for his heart & thyroid but he doesn't feel any pain. He's also been enjoying the cat bed under the Christmas tree as well as the cat tree in my eldest daughter's room and his personal chair in my youngest daughter's room. The vet wants to do a six month update in June so we have time. Fuzzy had to go to the vet due to her arthritis. The vet determined it's in her back right leg pretty harshly. We have her on some anti pain medication and some medication that we sprinkle into her food to help prevent some of the pain. Some days are better and some days are worse. My youngest keeps track of her pain through a daily journal on her phone so we can show the vet. She has an appointment with a specialist sometime in February of next year to see if there's anything we can do. Right now we are just trying to enjoy every minute of her. My eldest even got her a Christmas present this year!

Book Update: Zelina: The First Glyph is entering it's final days of both giveaways! They are both still live and are avaliable to be entered. You can either enter on Goodreads or on our personal page (at the bottom with the subscribe form). Everything will be chosen randomnly & the winners will be notified via email. Don't worry if you don't win this time! There's going to be another contest in January! On both platforms again as well. As for the second book, I am waiting on the same beta reader (no rush though) to send back Book 2. She has assured me she is almost done. The editor for the second book trailer has been discussing concepts & storyboarding her ideas. It's very exciting to see it all come together. We are hoping to have the trailer out by Christmas time or by the New Year. We are also hoping to have the second one finalized by the first of the year so after the second contest we can start a third contest for the new book in the series! Be sure to enter the currently open contest as it does end in two days! Below is the link to the Goodreads & what the subscribe form looks like at the bottom of the home page. There is also a subscribe form at the bottom of the shop page. Link to Goodreads:

Hope you all have a good week this week! Good luck in the contests!

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