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5/16 Update on Darth Vader

Saturday is Caturday!! I love posting on these days to share the babies. On Feb. 3rd I know I posted about our old man, Darth, & his heart issue. Since then we have been working diligently with our vet to keep him as healthy as he can be. However, last week my eldest daughter noticed him acting strange. She really couldn't put her finger on it but he was sleeping more & some aspects of his personality changed. She took him to the vet ASAP & we got some news. 🐈

The vet x-rayed him, did some bloodwork, etc. They found that his heart has not improved and it is now affecting his lungs. She said he was in stage two of heart failure. The vet claimed this was dangerous stage because he could not wake up from his sleep. However, she also claimed that she's seen cats live for years during this stage of heart failure. She also claimed he doesn't feel anything which is good. The family was/is distraught & are just taking our best care of him. Of course we want him to live forever but we don't want to be selfish & have him living the rest of his days in pain (if there is any pain).

He has a checkup due next Friday (5/22) to see how the new medication is working. He has been showing signs of improvment such as playing with the kitten again, eating fully, & running around. But he also has been showing bad signs such as throwing up, sleeping for long periods of time, drinking a lot of water (which she said might happen on the medication), & just being rather lethargic. We will see how it goes on the next checkup but since this is caturday, keep him in mind. 💕

💞Please keep him in your thoughts, prayers, & send good vibes.💞

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