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🎃Happy October! 👻

Hello everyone! Happy October 1st - it's officially SPOOKY season! Thank you all for visiting yesterday's festival and thank you all for attending the last few festivals as well. It was so good to see everyone and thank you all for your continued support. If you weren't able to make it to any of them - don't worry! There's always another festival coming up - I'll be sure to update you when I know more details. Here's a picture from yesterday's festival:

It was so fun! 📚 Luckily there wasn't too much damage from the tropical storm!

So for this blog post - I wanted to talk about some Fall To-Do's that I typically do in October. Some fun ideas :)

  • Go to a pumpkin patch / carve pumpkins

Now I know a lot of people do this, but I've been doing this with my kids since they were very young. My eldest, who has moved out, still does this every year with her friends. Find a local pumpkin patch, pet some animals, grab some pumpkins and apple cider, and just take in the day.

I used to take pictures of my kids as their school pictures every year at the local pumpkin patch. It always gets me into the fall mood.

  • Visit a haunted house or hayride

Now this is something that my kids do but I don't typically do unless it's made for children and all the lights are on. My eldest does it every year up in the mountains and loves it. I am a big scaredy cat and my husband can see the scares coming from miles away. While I don't partake, I do recommend it as a good time!

  • Visit your local or state carnival/fair

These aren't around us as much anymore but where my eldest lives, she's only minutes away from the state fair every year. My youngest and I went up once a year or so ago and it was awesome! We used to go to our little local carnival every year back in Kansas and we all enjoyed it. Though my eldest and I are little chickens when it comes to rides, we still would have a great time every year.

  • Have or attend a bonfire

This is a lot of fun. Everyone in my household enjoys this - since our trees have a lot of broken branches from the storms in summer - we make a big bonfire pit and sit around it. We look at the stars , sometimes we make some smores, and just share in each other's time and company.

  • Cleaning out my closets

Now this one seems weird but I promise it has a purpose here and I do typically do this every year. We have a pretty large-ish family that comes to visit us every year and it's a lot of gifts and love going around. So what I like to do, is clean out my closets and donate all the things I can to make room for everything and to give back. I usually do it in spring too but since Christmas is right around the corner now, I like to start the season off in good spirits.

So these are a few things I do every year in October for fun or to help set the holiday spirit. I hope this was a good read and gave you all some good ideas. In other news, my singular puppy, all the cats, several reptiles, all the human children, and the husband are all doing well; they are all off doing their their fall festivities as well. I hope you all are doing awesome & are excited for the best time of the year, in my opinion. I will keep you up to date with all that is happening with Zelina, The Glyph Master series, and all my other Vella's, books, and festivals I'm doing (especially all the ones that are upcoming!).

Hang in there & stay tuned for fun new updates! As always, thank you for all your continued support every day!

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