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Party Time -- Excellent 👾

Hello all - Happy Monday!! I hope you all had an excellent weekend. I know I did. It was so fun to see you all at Coastal Comic Con in Wilmington, NC. You're costumes were all beautiful. Thank you for stopping by Booth 17 and letting me meet you all & take pics. Here's some pics below of my fun time:

(Did take some pics of cosplayers but won't display them without consent but they were AWESOME)

I can't wat for the next Comic-Con. So without futher ado, here's some updates to the Festival's and Comic-Cons.

1.The most upcoming Meet-N-Greet: Next Chapter Books & Art Meet The Author Series 📚 It's on Saturday (NOT MONDAY) 3/9/2024 from 11 AM - 1 PM in New Bern, NC. I will be there along with my two assistants and the Guard Cat. Below is the address and information. I hope to see you all there! I will share more reminders on all my social media as well.

2.Following the Book Signing is: The Holly Ridge Bee Festival 🐝

This festival will take place in Holly Ridge, NC. I will be in a booth again and I will share the map with you upon a closer date. It takes place on April 27th from 10 AM - 3 PM. I do reccomend getting there early to get good parking as it does fill up quite quick. That being said, if you're looking for more information on this festival, I recommend checking Bee Festival Facebook page or the Town of Holly Ridge's Facebook page. They will also share more information there.

3.Last but certainly not least: Galaxy Con 👾

I am still currently on the waitlist as of 3/4/24 and am having trouble getting into contact with anyone regarding this issue. I will still like to give you all this information just in case I am in a booth for this Comic-Con as well. It's going to take place from Thursday July 25th - Sunday July 28th. The hours are as such

  • THURSDAY         2pm to 12am

  • FRIDAY                10am to 2am

  • SATURDAY         10am to 2am

  • SUNDAY              10am to 8pm

If I am selected, I will be there all four days with my two assistants! Of course I'll be in costume (maybe) and so will my helpers. We will have our own little booth again just like in the Coastal Comic Con. If/when I find out the booth location I will share it via the map as well.

Now that I'm all nerded out and exhausted, I'm resting and doing my usual work and trying to keep up with my Kindle Vella's. If you can't attend those events, don't be discouraged, I'm sure those won't be the only events I do this year. I will always keep you up to date with everything that is happening with the Zelina series, The Glyph Master series, Ream stories, Rise of the Vanquisher, any other Vella's, books, interviews, podcasts, and festivals. So keep reading these blogs and all my social media posts including Facebook, Tik Tok, & Instagram. Stay tuned for new updates!

See you at all the festivals this year, book signings, Insta, or on REAM :)

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