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♩ Tell everybody I'm on my way! ♫

Before you all judge, yes that is from Brother Bear. Here's the song: Though I didn't like the movie much, whenever we go on a roadtrip my oldest & sometimes my youngest like to play this song. We are heading to Florida! As a family, we had planned a small vacation a while back but we decided to just go on a whim a week or two ago. We are going to just relax by a creek, go fishing, swimming, sunbathe, & swim with the manatees again! This time it is only my husband, my youngest child, myself, & my cousin! She took our son's place when he decided last minute he didn't want to go. Unfortunately our oldest couldn't go as she has just started her new job! Yay! So for this week, I'm gonna be chilling & getting my sunburn on, that is when the tropical storm isn't slamming Florida. Of course I will keep posting & keep you all updated on Book 2 as well as bragging about the manatees! Hope you all have a safe & wonderful week!

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