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What's your go-to Halloween movie?

Yes, yes I know. It's only September, but keep in mind, next week is October 1st. It's crazy how this year has gone either really really slow or ridiculously fast. Since the season is beginning, I thought it would be awesome to know everyone's go-to Halloween movie! A movie that you can't leave the month of October without watching. I always love watching films that people suggest! ​​🕸️

This is our family's Halloween movie board. Yes, I know not all of them pertain to the holiday itself but it's films we like to watch around that time. We also alternate the movies in & out so we aren't watching the same films every year except for a select few. We mark down who wants to watch each movie so no one feels left out. My apologies for it being so messy, my eldest & I started watching these films this month due to me leaving for two weeks in October to visit my mother. Don't worry though, I'll be home for Halloween! 👻​ So there are two films that I can't go without watching during Halloween:

Practial Magic. I know I mentioned this in my last blog post but literally it is one of my all time favorite Halloween movies. Yes, it is a Halloween movie as the film does end on the holiday. It gives off major fall vibes & I love their relationships, house, outfits, & the story honestly. In case you all haven't watched it or heard of it, here's a small synopsis: Two sisters, Sally & Gillian Owens is in a family that is comprised of witches. They must come to terms with who they are in order to rid themselves of the terrible ghost that now haunts their home. The story focuses on their relationships of all the women in the family & how they come to terms with their town, their lives, & their relationships. 10/10 would reccomend!! 🎃

Hocus Pocus. I know, I know. Everyone watches this movie every Halloween. It's a staple of the holiday now. This has lovely memories tied to it with my family. Every year we eat some dinner, eat our Halloween candy, & watch this movie. Then at midnight my children blow out the candles on their pumpkins & we all go to sleep. It's a Disney movie that was released in the 90's so it's funny & made for children. The witches are to die for! They are everyone's favorite characters for a reason. In case you all haven't watched it or heard of it, here's a small synopsis: When teenager Max explores an abandoned museum with his friend Allison & his sister Dani, Max accidentally releases a coven of evil witches who lived in the house. With the help of a talking cat, Thackery Binx, the kids must steal the witches spellbook to stop them from becoming immortal & cursing their hometown of Salem. 🦇


This is our family's favorite time of year. The last three months of the year are always so fun for us! It goes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year's. Believe me, we are all ready for this year to be over too but we honestly love the holidays! So please, comment on this post or on our Facebook/Instagram pages for films that you all watch every Halloween! Until next time creepy peoples...​😈​

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